David Cutler Network - if fortune favors the bold then you have to lean in
Flip the Sales Funnl

Trusted Challengers are your most reliable consultants
Most of us are Sales professionals that provide unbiased direction for your internal issues from our external perspective
We are match-makers for your business development and technology options.

We Are Sales 3.0

  • We inform and connect across your ecosystem.

  • Many of us are coaches, educators, and the best kind of consultant.

  • Do you welcomes safe debate?

We understand your Sales & Marketing goals and needs BEFORE we recommend services that match your plans and style.

Our value is unleashed by removing any biased sales incentive. Compensation is ONLY through your deployment from the agreed list of vendors we will be assessing and choosing from.

"Win-Win" is an understatement. Our compulsion is to add more value by discovering the exponential opportunities from our combined energy and intent. We usually have skin in the game and share in our mutual success.

Let's acknowledge opportunities and issues across your company, your industry, and in adjacent markets.

David Cutler Network - if fortune favors the bold then you have to lean in

Our mission is the relentless commitment to end-to-endless value. We align and interoperate for efficiency of production and promise. NO SILOS as we acknowledge contributions and conflicts. Remember that great Customer Experiences come from consistent engagement across buyer journeys and your company's systems.

David demonstrates a recent session in this outtake:

Think about your best team... Each of you earned each other's trust AND were challengers of "best practices" (which usually are not anymore).

You strived for better methods across your projects, including business development. You appreciated this in a world where opportunities go to the most adaptable methods and models. We have people like that.

3 Promises Between Buyers and "Trusted Challengers

1) BUYERS INSIST that their sellers be customer success advocates and problem-solvers that maintain an agreed-upon level of interaction to insure consistency of promise … for end-to-endless customer success.

2) SELLERS UNDERSTAND, acknowledge, and disclose a holistic assessment of:

  • the client's real needs

  • the real buying decision process

  • across their company and adjacent intersections

  • their actual experience solving problems and what still needs solving

  • their own team’s strategy between Product, Marketing, and Sales

3) SUCCESS = Increasing value = Retention = Cross selling opportunities

These deeper insights provide opportunity for new functions, products, and 3rd party partners. As part of Account-Based Marketing and “flipping the funnel” you accommodate the need for support and collateral during the buying process up and down the funnel ...

Flip the Sales Funnl

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A few concepts included in our next conversation:

  • Customer Success Advocates

  • Impartial Advisors

  • Conscientious Consultants

  • Recommendationists

David Cutler Network

Let me know if you see or question this value.

We are constantly developing new methods and models to solve problems by practicing what we preach.

David Cutler Network

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